Applied curiosity, creativity and caffeine.

UX research and product strategy for startups.

About me

Hey there. 👋I'm Greig.
I am based in New Zealand and work remotely with startups from all over to help them with their user experience and product strategy.

I have worked on many different types of products such as AR apps for education, SaaS startups, ecommerce sites, through to complex banking applications.

I have a passion for working with companies and social enterprises that are solving meaningful problems that better people's lives so if that sounds like you then I'd love to be involved.

Need some help?

I use UX research methods and creative problem solving to make sure you're building the right thing for the right people. I have worked with companies in many different stages of their journey from early stage entrepreneurs helping them get to MVP, right through to large banking institutions on their internal systems and customer-facing app strategy.

Exploratory research is my jam! Let's explore and discover customer problems, their motivations and uncover key insights.
- Customer interviews
- Journey mapping and persona creation
- Market benchmarking

After we've clearly articulated the customer and business problems we're solving, we can move on to generating ideas and testing concepts.
- Concept workshops
- Rapid prototyping
- Testing ideas with real people

Already have a product or business in market? Sweet! Let's make it better.
- Heuristic evaluation
- Usability testing
- A/B testing

Get in touch

You can reach me on any of the platforms below to just say hi or to ask questions around working with me.